Spread-a-Bale has introduced the Avian Deflector (AD) option to its current M range to enable poultry producers, in particular duck and turkey growers, to make further reductions in straw spreading time and labour, and equally important, make straw savings of between 30% to 50%. Only one materials handler is required to operate.

The AD features an extra vertical deflector which both enhances straw spread width and reduces straw depth, and subsequently provides a more even, finer distribution over a wider area. The attachment is adjustable. 

The AD spreader head option can be introduced to all Spread-a-Bale’s vertical rotors and has four adjustable positions to allow producers to meet with requirements.

“The AD, our latest option added to the M portfolio provides a new opportunity for poultry producers in particular duck and turkey growers who require a very thin layer of bedding straw spread with minimal dust generation for their birds’ optimum comfort and welfare to meet with consumer increasing exacting requirements.” 

The new option is available from Spread-a-Bale’s dealer network; see www.straw-spreading-machines.com

Further information from Spread-a-Bale’s Michael Hughes on 07917 303535.