Mini HR – Specifications


Standard Rear Mounted  
Machine width (m) 1.700
Machine length (m) 2.947
Machine head height (m) 1.180
Bale guard height (m) 1.150
Machine body length (m) 2.300
Raised head height (m) 2.660
Maximum bale width (m) 1.380
Maximum bale length (m) 1.785
Maximum bale height/diameter (m) 1.471
Machine weight (kg) 780
Maximum bale weight (kg) 350
Machine + bale weight (kg) 1.230
Single Side Mounted
Machine width (m) 2.947
Machine length (m) 1.900
Machine head height (m) 1.180
Machine weight (kg) 980
Maximum bale weight (kg) 350
Machine + bale weight (kg) 1.530


Round bale 1.471
Rectangular bale width (m) 1.380
Rectangular bale height (m) 1.3
Oil flow (l/min) 90
Distance thrown (m) 12


Key Information

  • Single horizontal rotor delivers straw in linear spread pattern: 1.2m wide, upto 12m throw
  • Front end and or side mounted
  • 100cm diameter, 200kgs (conventional with two contra rotating rotors, 320kg)
  • One materials handler; truly self loading
  • HD option available
  • Ideal for bedding pig arcs

Spread Pattern

Contact sales@spread-a-bale.com for further information and a demonstration

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