Mini – Specifications


Standard Rear Mounted
Machine width (m) 1.700
Machine length (m) 2.750
Machine head height (m) 1.150
Bale guard height (m) 1.150
Machine body length (m) 2.300
Raised head height (m) 2.480
Maximum bale width (m) 1.200
Maximum bale length (m) 1.800
Maximum rectangular bale height (m) 1.000
Maximum round bale diameter (m) 1.600
Machine weight (kg) 880
Maximum bale weight 350
Machine + bale weight (kg) 1.230
Single Side Mounted
Machine width (m) 2.750
Machine length (m) 1.700
Machine head height (m) 1.150
Machine weight (kg) 1,180
Maximum bale weight (kg) 350
Machine + bale weight (kg) 1.530
Round bale (m) 1.600
Rectangular bale sections/wafers (m) 1.800
Oil flow (I/min) 55
Distance thrown (m) 4.5 – 9


Key Information

  • Compact M-range machine for operations on smaller loaders from 1.75t upwards
  • Ideally suited for units with confined spaces – less than 3m wide when sideways mounted
  • Highly manoeuvrable with 1.0m high rotors
  • Ideal machine for round bales up to 1.6m diameter
  • Can also spread parts of rectangular bales up to 1.0m high
  • Fast operation, approximately one minute to load and de-twine followed by less than one minute to discharge and spread
  • Only one loader required, no second tractor and pneumatic spreader tied-up
  • Proven design for over 20 years
  • Truly self loading from the stack and floor
  • Versatile, enables loading and spreading of round and rectangular bales
  • No electrics; only one, double acting two-way spool required and no low pressure return line
  • Available in galvanised or painted green finish

Optional Extras

  • Side frame for side mounting, loading and discharge
  • Lightweight side frame for smaller loaders
  • Feed-a-Bale
  • HD motors to handle all high density and compacted bales

Spread Pattern

Contact sales@spread-a-bale.com for further information and a demonstration


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