World class square and round bale spreading solutions

  • Saves straw, time and labour
  • Only one loader required
  • Reduce dust and health risk
  • Very low maintenance and very reliable


Spread a bale

Providing all livestock farmers with a solution to one of the most laborious tasks – spreading bedding straw

Spread a bale

Providing all livestock farmers with a solution to one of the most laborious tasks – spreading bedding straw

Spread a bale

Providing all livestock farmers with a solution to one of the most laborious tasks – spreading bedding straw

Welcome to Spread-a-Bale

Spread-a-Bale is a simple, reliable and efficient time saving machine suited to all operations, regardless of scale and livestock species


    Up to 50% straw saving


    Up to 75% labour saving


    Spreads all types of round and rectangular bales


    Only one tractor or materials handler required to operate


    Minimal dust generation; improved health and welfare


    Truly self-loading bale processor from the stack


    Simple attach and detach in seconds


    No electrical connections required


    Fast and effortless bale spreading – one bale processed in less than 45 seconds


    Very low maintenance and running costs


    Bale feeding options available


    Continuous pipeline development

    Our Spread-a-Bale machines are working on beef, dairy, sheep, equine, pig and poultry units in the UK, Europe, North and South America, Asia and Oceania. The company is also active in the recycling and reprocessing sector.

    About Us

    Former dairy farmer Michael Hughes invented, developed and patented Spread-a-Bale two decades ago. Today he heads up the British based company which is now synonymous with high quality machines built in its own factory for the agricultural and recycling markets.

    Spread-a-Bale machines are built for endurance with demanding applications. Reliability and durability are paramount.

    The company has a global network of dealers and distributors trading in 25 countries and within five Continents. New distribution channels and networks are welcome.

    Spread-a-Bale’s well trained friendly staff are able to advise all customers of the machine best suited to their operation whilst their local dealer will provide support throughout the machine’s lifetime.

    About Spread a Bale

    Providing livestock farmers with an easy solution to one of the most laborious tasks – bedding and feeding straw, hay and haylage. Corn and rice stalks and haulm can also be spread.

    Spread-a-Bale offers a unique operation that can be customised to suit your building, handler, bale size and density.

    Unlike other mechanical blowers and spreaders, Spread-a-Bale’s spreading rotors gently accelerate the product, they tease the bale apart and throw it with minimum dust generation.

    The Result

    Saves straw: longer straw makes for a longer lasting bed, resulting in:

    • Our customers commonly report
    • up to 50% straw saving over manual spreading with square bales, up to 25% for round bales
    • up to 25% reduced requirement over other mechanical spreading systems


    • Saves time and labour: one person can spread one rectangular bale typically in 45 seconds – faster than any other available spreaders, shredders, choppers and bale processors  
    • Reduces dust and subsequent health risks for both farmers, operators and their livestock: minimal dust reduces the risk of pneumonic conditions and eye infections and in turn reduces antibiotic usage, together with injuries from foreign object missiles
    • Improves welfare: the entire system has a much reduced carbon footprint over any other mechanised system
    • Improves environment: minimises dust, significantly reduces carbon footprint
    • Improves business efficiency: lowers the system’s overall costs and contributes to a competitive advantage

    See Our Machines in Action

    Four Simple Steps to Using Spread-a-Bale

    How to Attach

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    How to Load

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    How to Detwine

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    How to Spread

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    What Our Customers Say

    We’ve just bought a Maxi Spread-a-Bale and it’s proving to be super-efficient; a great investment. It’s saving a lot of time and we can now do other jobs – it used to take us half a day to bed up 20 Heston’s by hand whereas now we’re spreading 8 -10 though in 30 minutes.

    Bret Marshall, JB Farming, Upminster: rearing 400 head beef cattle annually

    Our Spread-a-Bale is one of those pieces of kit I wouldn’t be without. Bedding up time has been reduced over our six-month winter from two hours to 20 minutes a day – a massive labour saving that’s enabled the machine to pay for itself within two years. Added to that, we’re making 30% straw savings worth up to £80 a week.

    Geoffrey Rodgers, Ballynahinch, County Down: 30-cow pedigree mixed Continental cows, 85 suckler cows

    Twelve months ago, we invested in a Spread-a-Bale Midi Lite, the most suitable machine for our JCB 1t loader, and its proved to be a no brainer – it’s going to easily pay for itself within two years. In fact, this machine is one of the best investments we’ve ever made.

    Neil Simcock, Dale Farming Shropshire unit manager: 460 cow autumn calving herd


    How We Can Help

    Our straw spreading machines can be used in a variety of applications for many livestock species as well as reprocessing.

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