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How to Attach

Your Spread-a-Bale will be fitted with your choice of mountings. Attaching and detaching the machine is a quick and simple task.

How to Load

Spread-a-Bale is unique in being self loading: raise the spreader head and reverse the belt to pull the bale into the chamber, out of a stack or off the ground.

How to Detwine

Once you have cut and removed the bale twine or net-wrap you’re ready to spread the straw.


How to Spread

Simply raise the machine into the desired position and by varying the engine revs you will spread a bale up to 8 metres quickly and safely, reducing waste and increasing efficiency.

Bret Marshall

"We’ve just bought a Maxi Spread-a-Bale and it’s proving to be super-efficient; a great investment. It’s saving a lot of time and we can now do other jobs - it used to take us half a day to bed up 20 Hestons by hand whereas now we’re spreading 8 to 10 in 30 minutes"

Beef Breeder, Warwickshire

Josh Wilson

"We invested in a Maxi Spread-a-Bale four years ago; it’s a good bit of kit.  It would be taking me most of the day to bed up 600 head of beef cattle plus a further 200 dairy cows, whereas nowadays it’s taking us just under two hours a day to spread 14 Heston bales; and we’re working in some tight spaces which I don’t think other machines could manoeuvre around." - 

Parkinson Partners, Atherstone: 200 dairy cows, 600 beef cattle

Andrew Tucker

"We’re bedding up three times a week and we used to manually roll out four bales each time. Since we invested in Spread-a-Bale it’s saving us a lot of effort and time – up to 90 minutes each time we bed up. It’s also made the job a lot safer since we no longer have to get in with the stock." - 

Farm Manager, Bradford-on-Avon: 250 head beef inc 100 suckler cows

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