Spread-a-Bale has introduced two new options to its current portfolio, the HD for hard high density rectangular bales, and the XL for extra long bales.

The HD option designed to facilitate the spreading of high density, compact bales, features an increase in hydraulic power and torque of up to 75% by different combinations of hydraulic components. Spread-a-Bale is making this offer available on each of its entire M series.

The XL option designed to accommodate 9’ long bales, offers an extra 30cm long body on both Midi and Maxi Spread-a-Bale machines. 

Alternatively, a combination of HD and XL options are available on both Spread-a-Bale Midi and Maxi models.

Spread-a-Bale’s Michael Hughes comments: “The two new options enhance Spread-a-Bale’s portfolio and provide real straw spreading solutions to issues emerging from the latest trend towards high density baling machines.

“The HD will enable farmers to efficiently spread the ubiquitous high density, hard bales which they are finding that spreaders, choppers and bale processors are struggling to manage, whilst the XL will conveniently help them to handle longer rectangular bales.”

Introduced to Spread-a-Bale’s current retail price: HD option £300 to £600; XL option £850.

Further information from Spread-a-Bale’s Michael Hughes on 07917 303535.