Spread-a-Bale launched at Lamma 2017 the Mini RB1.8, the first-ever self-loading straw spreading machine for any round bale up to 1,800mm in diameter and 1,780mm in length. Spreading distance is up to 9 metres.  

Extending Spread-a-Bale’s M series, the 920kg machine requires 1.75 tonnes lift capacity when discharging sideways and 2.0 tonnes for discharging ahead. Powered hydraulically, the Mini RB1.8 requires a maximum 55 litres per minute oil flow and is subsequently suitable for larger tractors fore-end loaders, telehandlers and larger skid steer loaders. 

The Mini RB1.8 measures 1.735m in width; length 2.810m; head height 1.465m; bale guard height 1.465m; machine body length 2.165m and raised head height 2.670m.

Spread-a-Bale’s Michael Hughes comments: “The Mini RB1.8 complete’s Spread-a-Bale’s portfolio, enabling livestock farmers with all sizes and shapes of big bales to save time/labour, and significant straw savings of around 35% with round bales.”

Further information from Spread-a-Bale’s Michael Hughes on 07917 303535.